Wind energy expert

We are a dynamically developing company, operating in the Polish territory. We are engaged in preparation and implementation of the projects related to broadly understood renewable energy. Our company is a major partnership in the Polish market of the wind power engineering. We belong to the Board of the Polish Wind Power Engineering Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Energetyki Wiatrowej) and the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (Polska Izba Gospodarcza Energii Odnawialnej). Domrel Biuro Usług Inwestycyjnych (Domrel Investment Services Bureau) has been established in 2001 and its major activity is focused on the wind farms projects implementations in the territory of entire Poland.

We have acquired the needed knowledge, indispensable experience and the know-how in the scope of the complex preparation of the wind farms projects and implementation and coordination of the entire investment process.

The primary activity of the company is the contract work on behalf of foreign and domestic investors. Our team is created by the engineers and designers who have specialised for a few years in the investment work in the scope of the renewable energy.

We invite to become familiar with our offer and the Knowledge Center Branch, where you can find the valuable information about the technology.

tel. +48 91 812 21 05 (branch in Szczecinie)
tel. +48 61 820 53 00 (branch in Poznan)